civil works

Thanks to the manoeuvrability of the ASPIRTRUCK arm, we can dig and suck materials for the location of services, making a deep trench, directing all the material extracted to the truck hopper without generating dust, which passes through the set of Internal filters and the air is expelled clean to the outside.

The necessary repairs or substitutions can be performed, in a clean and safe environment, we quickly and effortlessly squeeze water and mud from the operators. During the work, the truck is very careful and does not damage the services, even if there are crossings, since the operator works with the ASPIRTRUCK from outside with a remote control, controlling the work carried out at all times, leaving these in the open to perform the appropriate actions.

The material can be recovered to cover the ditch later, thanks to the rotating hoppers.

  • Vacuming in case of flooding by jams
  • Repairs of water leaks in swimming pools
  • Vacuming  of sand of playgrounds
  • Assistance to the decommissioning for the rescue of trapped people, accidents, natural disasters...
  • Clay aspiration, rubble under bridges and drain pipes
  • Vacuming between the tram tracks