Excavation by vacuming

We present the innovative vacuming  excavation system, our ASPIRTRUCK vehicle, which allows you to perform the most improbable vacuming  processes quickly, clean, safe and ecological, offering multiple applications with excavation penetrating into compacted soils where conventional excavation technology can not be used.

It vacume with an air flow of 38,000 m3 / h (passing through 42 filters), all types of materials up to 25 cm. diameter and 30 kg. Weight , such as earth, aggregates, sludge, rubble, ash, slag, sludge, stone material, minerals, cereals, liquids, wood, sawdust, iron, glass, to be reused or removed later with a complete emptying through a rotating hoppers.

Depending on the type of material you can aspire up to 15 meters depth and 100 meters. of distance (linear or height), adapting to the most difficult places where the conventional machinery cannot access it.

The ASPIRTRUCK car excavates sucks and loads the material in a sustainable way with the environment with great profitability, reducing execution time, dust, workmanship and minimizing risks. It adapts completely to your needs through a wide set of pneumatic tools.


With the ASPIRTRUCK vehicle, we can offer a wide range of applications that provide multiple advantages, a clean and ecological environment, reducing exploitation and maintenance costs.

We show you some of the sectors where ASPIRTRUCK is very advantageous compared to other conventional systems because it offers flexible and advanced solutions with total effectiveness.


We guarantee that all the professionals are specialized in driving this vehicle are qualified.

They also have theory and practical training in the field of occupational risk prevention and they are in continuous training.

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