Emptying of silos and hoppers

For emergencies, ASPIRTRUCK PLUS demonstrates its versatility and adaptation, to solve the inconveniences that may occur during product storage in silos, hoppers, etc.

It is ideal for the rapid emptying of all types of containers that are difficult to access, allowing the restoration of work in a very short time. The possibility of reaching up to 100 m. of distance (linear or height) and 15 m. Depthing, it is possible to carry out the required tasks, without the need for the truck to access the site.

Again, ASPIRTRUCK PLUS guarantees fast, safe and respectful work with the environment, since the dust generated by the aspirated material is filtered inside the truck and the air is expelled clean to the outside.

  • Cleaning of agricultural attachments respecting the environment
  • Direct aspiration in silos, decanters, etc.
  • Aspiration of loads in bulk
  • Empty trailer for repair
  • Emptying of mixers